Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Test model for the Farsight Enclave

Today's post is to demonstrate a tester piece for a new army - a Tau Farsight Enclave...

Playing to the strengths of the Farsight Codex, the army will be all suits (save for some Kroot to hold objectives).

I purchased the (expensive but nice) GW painting guide from iBooks to see how they advised Farsight models should be painted. Initially, I went with Mechrite Red - that delicious, highly-pigmented dull red released as part of the older Foundation range - and this was the result.

These suits do leave a bit to be desired! The next batch will be better posed - out of the box, they look clunky and chunky... This model obviously needs some decal work and some minor weathering - but as it was just a tester, I haven't gotten around to adding that yet.

Although Mechrite Red is my absolute favourite GW red paint, it's also very difficult to get hold of (on Ebay, pots go for £8.99 a time - far too rich for my blood). So, the next battlesuit team will be painted using the standard GW scheme (using Khorne Red as a base).

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