Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Dark Knight Returns - a new Batman

Apologies for the protracted absence - I had a holiday, was ill, had some family time, and before I knew it a month had flown by! Luckily, I've spent today finishing off some painting and doing some photography, so now well on top of the latest commissions and able to post some updates.

I'm a huge fan of Knight Models Arkham City miniatures game, and decided to paint up an alternative Batman - an excellent sculpt based on Christian Bale's Batman.

I painted another Batman from this range (the Arkham version), and decided to use blue as the highlight colour for the cape. This time, I went with a range of muted grey highlights which I felt suited the model better.

The model is posed on an integral sculpted base, which slots into the standard lipped base. This is a nice touch, and adds some height to the model. However, I decided to go with "standard" wargaming basing, because an urban base would have left me with a limited colour palette. I think that the splashes of green foliage add a little interest to the model.

The cape is also nicely detailed, and despite the passive pose it has a great sense of fluidity. I actually prefer this sort of posing to the constant "fighting" stances adopted by most wargaming miniatures. I also bought Bane at the same time, and I'll be painting him up shortly.

So, who thinks that the decision to cast Ben Affleck as the newest Batman is a bit bizarre? I'll reserve judgment until the movie is released, but he seems a risky choice....

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