Wednesday, 30 October 2013

All hail the Iron Hands

I've discussed this project in an earlier post, and recently managed to get a few minutes to work on it.

I'm going to build a 6th edition Iron Hands list, hopefully fully utilising the new Iron Hands rules. I've already got a Thunderfire Cannon built and painted, and a quick search through my bitz box lead to assembly of the first Iron Hands tactical squad...

This will be my second Iron Hands army, and last time I made them I cut corners on the metallics and reds. This time I'm going to do each squad in one go, and try to make them more cohesive as a result. I'm also using all new Citadel reds, which tend to be quite vibrant. I've planning to make the metallics really scream as well, with multiple shades and highlights.

Bionics will be sprinkled throughout the army - I've used a GW Iron Hands upgrade kit, and also some Kromlech bionics kits which I bought a few years ago.

I really like this pose: this guy means business, and whilst the pose shows his vigilant nature it also highlights his bionic leg nicely.

I also bought some of the Forgeworld bolter sets a few years ago, and just hadn't found a project to use them on. The Iron Hands seemed a good use for these parts, in particular the chainblade attachment.

Here's a rear shot; I decided to add bolter magazines and pouches, to add some extra colour to the otherwise fairly monochrome scheme.

All decals are from the GW Iron Hands decal sheet. This is very nice quality, although it is a shame that it doesn't include more decals for larger vehicles. I might have to invest in the FW sheet for that purpose.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hasslefree troopers 3 - finished squad

I managed to find a few hours today to finish off the final two models for this commission. These were the most characterful of the squad, so I spent a bit more time on adding detail.

Here's Mary Sue - actual name Widow from the modern troopers range - either an advisor or a squad leader. Disclaimer on the lack of basing: this was at my client's request.

"Damned alien invasions... Cell phone is shot. It's always the first thing to go."

This is a nicely detailed miniature. In particular, the gun has some extra bits, with a scope and rangefinder. I used gem techniques to add some colour to the palette.

Here's Big Joe...

"Hey Joe - why'd you wear that shirt into combat?" My client wanted some extra colour on this dude, and I searched Google for an appropriately loud example of a Hawaiian shirt.

My client also asked that the white squad markings be moved to the back of the helmets, which I did. Big Joe hadn't been painted at this stage, so I just added the marking. I corrected the other squad members.

Here's the whole squad together, ready for combat.

Subject to approval, this is another commission finished and ready to ship!

What's next? I'm going to continue painting a test squad for my upcoming Iron Hands army, and also I'm finishing a few more Farsight models...

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hasselfree modern troopers commission 2

Another post on the Hasslefree figures - I've finished another 3!

This batch has a shotgun, sniper rifle and an SMG/carbine weapon...

 A rear shot, showing pouches, harnesses etc

And some obligatory individual photos - this is my favourite of the second batch. I added squad markings and a badge to her arm.

This guy means business - inbound with a shotgun and a bad attitude...

And finally, the sniper rifle dude...

Two more models to go from this commission, but these are going to be a little different to the others in the squad so I've left them until last.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Hasslefree modern troopers commission

Today I photographed the the first part of a commission I have recently started.

Since last week, I've found out that these models are indeed Hasslefree, and form part of their expanding modern troopers line. As with all Hasslefree models, these were a pleasure to paint - they are full of detail and character.

Here's a shot of them in formation...

The bases have been left unfinished at my client's request, as he plays on lots of gaming surfaces.

We originally discussed doing the pouches etc in black as well as the body armour, but in my view that was too much black for the model. It might not be realistic, but from a colour balance perspective the figures just needed a slightly wider palette!

These figures originally came with backpacks, but my client decided to leave these off. We discussed adding a decal to the back "blate plate" but decided against it.

Here are some individual shots...

The white squad markings were to add some more visual interest and again broaden the colour palette. They were shamelessly stolen from the Tau, and I think that they work nicely.

As this guy has goggles on his head, I added the marking to the side of his helmet.

Just a close up of my favourite miniature so far - I added a little gloss varnish to the goggles, which make them shine a bit.

So, on with another five of these dudes - hoping to get the next few finished in a couple of days.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

On the workbench: Infinity troopers commission

This week has been very busy with real work, so not much time for painting. I was recently sent some miniatures that my client intends to use for Infinity (they are either Infinity or Hasslefree models, I think), and I managed to make a start on them.

Fatigues will be khaki, possibly with camo, and body armour will be black. I only really done the fatigues so far - certainly makes a nice change form painting power armour!

There are four troopers here, then another seven left to work on...

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Blood Angels: Devastator Centurions 2

A few hours last night allowed me to finish another commission project that I have been working on recently - a second squad of Blood Angels Centurions.

For this squad, I chose to change around the leg options so that they were not identical to the first squad. This is one of the disappointing aspects of the Centurions - although they have several options, they have fairly fixed posing options.

Once again, the sergeant has the omniscope option but also has a helmet plume.

I went with a more dulled red for the warsuits, to amplify the suggestion that they are almost dreadnoughts. I did some very minor chipping to the decals, barely noticeable in the photos (except for the blood drop on the thigh plate).

Here's a shot of all six of the finished Centurions, storing across the battlefield.

Next project: some Infinity miniatures, which are sitting on my desk primed and ready for base coating...

Friday, 11 October 2013

Angry Angron: Converted Daemon Prince

Today's post is to showcase a commission that I have literally just finished: Angry Angron!

This has been quite a lot of work, and lots of techniques went into the finished model, so I've uploaded several pictures of the finished piece.

The model came to be already assembled, from a client in America, and was converted from (I think) a WFB giant, with Tyranid Hive Tyrant wings, and parts from a Chaos kit as well. The face and head were from a metal gorilla of some description - the overall model is quite heavy, but well-balanced on the base. I must say that I was impressed by the conversion work that went into this model!

This shot demonstrates the work on the wings. I wanted a "bat-like" wing membrane, so used several passes of light dry brushing alongside some thinned washes. The final pass was with just a touch of varnish, enough to give the membranes a leathery finish. I added mottling and small dots to some areas of the wings to add interest.

The shoulder pads were from an unknown soft plastic kit (perhaps an action figure!?!), and their positioning did conflict with the wings a little. I used Citadel metallics and washes, then highlighted up so that the gold/brass work really screams.

More mottling was done on the back, around the spines and hair.

This model also had a lot of skulls! This photo shows the skulls around the belt and groin.

The sword was my client's idea. I envisage that maybe it was once a noble, perhaps Imperial, weapon, but has been corrupted and degraded over time. I therefore went with a high silver finish, but ran blue and green washes into the blade. This gave a nice verdigris or patina effect. I finished it with Runefang chipping.

Another good view of the wings and back - the model was so big that it barely fit into my photo booth.

More skulls on the spines; Angron seems to have been busy...

A shot of the face - I went with simple "human" eyes, demonstrating the tragedy of this fallen primarch. Beneath all of the savagery and bloodshed, two human eyes peer from the body of a monster...

This photo shows the hands - they are mechanical, and I used weathering powders and washes to demonstrate their age. Rust pigment was brushed into the joints, then sealed with pigment fixer. (Excuse the balance on this shot: the brass looks very orange, whereas in real life it is much more like aged gold.)

So, that's Angron finished - hopefully my client will be pleased with him - and I move on to the next project: another squad of Blood Angels Centurions. I've actually been doing these alongside Angron, so they should be finished in the next few days...

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Raptors Chapter: Landspeeder Storm

My Raptors were my first Space Marine chapter, and as such they are one of my favourite armies. Although Marines seem to be a bit comically-proportioned by their nature, the idea of a covert army-green army really appealed to me. I've been collecting them since 2007, but hadn't built or painted anything for this army in a couple of years.

When the new Codex: Space Marines was released, and the Landspeeder Storm was moved to the dedicated transport slot, I immediately knew that I wanted to build and paint a Storm in Raptors colours. I've actually had one stashed under my painting desk since it was first released, but never had the urge to paint it.

"Express elevator to Hell - going down!"

Raptor decals are all over the model, and it's lightly weathered using the sponge technique.

The engines are weathered with MIG pigments.

"Target thirty seconds out - get ready to disembark on my mark!"

"Target confirmed!"

It's a great model - quite a lot of work, as it has so many crew, but well worth the extra effort to get everything painted up.

You get lots of little extras on the sprues as well - meaning you can add extra gear to the outside of the Storm, or add crates etc to the interior.

The decals are from Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop, I think, and are the best representation of the Raptors logo badge.

Here's the scout sergeant, probably a vet of too many conflicts.

Another scout, getting ready to leap into the fray - making the most of the updated rules for the Cereberus launcher!