Wednesday, 30 October 2013

All hail the Iron Hands

I've discussed this project in an earlier post, and recently managed to get a few minutes to work on it.

I'm going to build a 6th edition Iron Hands list, hopefully fully utilising the new Iron Hands rules. I've already got a Thunderfire Cannon built and painted, and a quick search through my bitz box lead to assembly of the first Iron Hands tactical squad...

This will be my second Iron Hands army, and last time I made them I cut corners on the metallics and reds. This time I'm going to do each squad in one go, and try to make them more cohesive as a result. I'm also using all new Citadel reds, which tend to be quite vibrant. I've planning to make the metallics really scream as well, with multiple shades and highlights.

Bionics will be sprinkled throughout the army - I've used a GW Iron Hands upgrade kit, and also some Kromlech bionics kits which I bought a few years ago.

I really like this pose: this guy means business, and whilst the pose shows his vigilant nature it also highlights his bionic leg nicely.

I also bought some of the Forgeworld bolter sets a few years ago, and just hadn't found a project to use them on. The Iron Hands seemed a good use for these parts, in particular the chainblade attachment.

Here's a rear shot; I decided to add bolter magazines and pouches, to add some extra colour to the otherwise fairly monochrome scheme.

All decals are from the GW Iron Hands decal sheet. This is very nice quality, although it is a shame that it doesn't include more decals for larger vehicles. I might have to invest in the FW sheet for that purpose.

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