Friday, 11 October 2013

Angry Angron: Converted Daemon Prince

Today's post is to showcase a commission that I have literally just finished: Angry Angron!

This has been quite a lot of work, and lots of techniques went into the finished model, so I've uploaded several pictures of the finished piece.

The model came to be already assembled, from a client in America, and was converted from (I think) a WFB giant, with Tyranid Hive Tyrant wings, and parts from a Chaos kit as well. The face and head were from a metal gorilla of some description - the overall model is quite heavy, but well-balanced on the base. I must say that I was impressed by the conversion work that went into this model!

This shot demonstrates the work on the wings. I wanted a "bat-like" wing membrane, so used several passes of light dry brushing alongside some thinned washes. The final pass was with just a touch of varnish, enough to give the membranes a leathery finish. I added mottling and small dots to some areas of the wings to add interest.

The shoulder pads were from an unknown soft plastic kit (perhaps an action figure!?!), and their positioning did conflict with the wings a little. I used Citadel metallics and washes, then highlighted up so that the gold/brass work really screams.

More mottling was done on the back, around the spines and hair.

This model also had a lot of skulls! This photo shows the skulls around the belt and groin.

The sword was my client's idea. I envisage that maybe it was once a noble, perhaps Imperial, weapon, but has been corrupted and degraded over time. I therefore went with a high silver finish, but ran blue and green washes into the blade. This gave a nice verdigris or patina effect. I finished it with Runefang chipping.

Another good view of the wings and back - the model was so big that it barely fit into my photo booth.

More skulls on the spines; Angron seems to have been busy...

A shot of the face - I went with simple "human" eyes, demonstrating the tragedy of this fallen primarch. Beneath all of the savagery and bloodshed, two human eyes peer from the body of a monster...

This photo shows the hands - they are mechanical, and I used weathering powders and washes to demonstrate their age. Rust pigment was brushed into the joints, then sealed with pigment fixer. (Excuse the balance on this shot: the brass looks very orange, whereas in real life it is much more like aged gold.)

So, that's Angron finished - hopefully my client will be pleased with him - and I move on to the next project: another squad of Blood Angels Centurions. I've actually been doing these alongside Angron, so they should be finished in the next few days...

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  1. I really like the arms, and the eyes are a brilliant idea, a bit of normality in such a monster, a glimpse of a better past.