Sunday, 13 October 2013

Blood Angels: Devastator Centurions 2

A few hours last night allowed me to finish another commission project that I have been working on recently - a second squad of Blood Angels Centurions.

For this squad, I chose to change around the leg options so that they were not identical to the first squad. This is one of the disappointing aspects of the Centurions - although they have several options, they have fairly fixed posing options.

Once again, the sergeant has the omniscope option but also has a helmet plume.

I went with a more dulled red for the warsuits, to amplify the suggestion that they are almost dreadnoughts. I did some very minor chipping to the decals, barely noticeable in the photos (except for the blood drop on the thigh plate).

Here's a shot of all six of the finished Centurions, storing across the battlefield.

Next project: some Infinity miniatures, which are sitting on my desk primed and ready for base coating...

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