Monday, 21 October 2013

Hasslefree modern troopers commission

Today I photographed the the first part of a commission I have recently started.

Since last week, I've found out that these models are indeed Hasslefree, and form part of their expanding modern troopers line. As with all Hasslefree models, these were a pleasure to paint - they are full of detail and character.

Here's a shot of them in formation...

The bases have been left unfinished at my client's request, as he plays on lots of gaming surfaces.

We originally discussed doing the pouches etc in black as well as the body armour, but in my view that was too much black for the model. It might not be realistic, but from a colour balance perspective the figures just needed a slightly wider palette!

These figures originally came with backpacks, but my client decided to leave these off. We discussed adding a decal to the back "blate plate" but decided against it.

Here are some individual shots...

The white squad markings were to add some more visual interest and again broaden the colour palette. They were shamelessly stolen from the Tau, and I think that they work nicely.

As this guy has goggles on his head, I added the marking to the side of his helmet.

Just a close up of my favourite miniature so far - I added a little gloss varnish to the goggles, which make them shine a bit.

So, on with another five of these dudes - hoping to get the next few finished in a couple of days.

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