Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hasslefree troopers 3 - finished squad

I managed to find a few hours today to finish off the final two models for this commission. These were the most characterful of the squad, so I spent a bit more time on adding detail.

Here's Mary Sue - actual name Widow from the modern troopers range - either an advisor or a squad leader. Disclaimer on the lack of basing: this was at my client's request.

"Damned alien invasions... Cell phone is shot. It's always the first thing to go."

This is a nicely detailed miniature. In particular, the gun has some extra bits, with a scope and rangefinder. I used gem techniques to add some colour to the palette.

Here's Big Joe...

"Hey Joe - why'd you wear that shirt into combat?" My client wanted some extra colour on this dude, and I searched Google for an appropriately loud example of a Hawaiian shirt.

My client also asked that the white squad markings be moved to the back of the helmets, which I did. Big Joe hadn't been painted at this stage, so I just added the marking. I corrected the other squad members.

Here's the whole squad together, ready for combat.

Subject to approval, this is another commission finished and ready to ship!

What's next? I'm going to continue painting a test squad for my upcoming Iron Hands army, and also I'm finishing a few more Farsight models...

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