Sunday, 6 October 2013

Iron Hands: Techmarine and Thunderfire Cannon

I managed to grab a few minutes this week, to (almost) finish a new model for my Iron Hands army. I discussed this in an earlier post, and think that the Thunderfire really captures the spirit of the Iron Hands. Plus, under the new 6th edition codex it's actually quite a decent unit.

I've decided to use the same chipped armour finish that I used in my 2011 Iron Hands drop pod army. It's a quick and decent method, and fits both of these models well. I will probably highlight up the red armour sections a little more, or alternatively I may repaint the weapons in white (which seems to be suggested by some Iron Hands sources).

I've ordered some of the GW decals, which I'll be adding to the cannon chassis.

The control panel at the back was picked out with other colours for variety.

This is one of my favourite Techmarine models, with a real Rogue Trader vibe.

Looking at the servo-harness now, I might actually pick out some of the cabling (maybe some hazard stripes?).

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