Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Raptors Chapter: Landspeeder Storm

My Raptors were my first Space Marine chapter, and as such they are one of my favourite armies. Although Marines seem to be a bit comically-proportioned by their nature, the idea of a covert army-green army really appealed to me. I've been collecting them since 2007, but hadn't built or painted anything for this army in a couple of years.

When the new Codex: Space Marines was released, and the Landspeeder Storm was moved to the dedicated transport slot, I immediately knew that I wanted to build and paint a Storm in Raptors colours. I've actually had one stashed under my painting desk since it was first released, but never had the urge to paint it.

"Express elevator to Hell - going down!"

Raptor decals are all over the model, and it's lightly weathered using the sponge technique.

The engines are weathered with MIG pigments.

"Target thirty seconds out - get ready to disembark on my mark!"

"Target confirmed!"

It's a great model - quite a lot of work, as it has so many crew, but well worth the extra effort to get everything painted up.

You get lots of little extras on the sprues as well - meaning you can add extra gear to the outside of the Storm, or add crates etc to the interior.

The decals are from Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop, I think, and are the best representation of the Raptors logo badge.

Here's the scout sergeant, probably a vet of too many conflicts.

Another scout, getting ready to leap into the fray - making the most of the updated rules for the Cereberus launcher!

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