Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Aliens vs Predator Kickstarter by Prodos: 2 days to go!

As of today's post, the AvP Kickstarter has just over 2 days to go!

Click here to pledge: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/513277403/alien-vs-predator-the-miniatures-game

Currently at £250,000+ funding, unlocks include such quality sculpts as the female predator…

The Colonial Marine power loader has just been unlocked, as well as the Young Blood predators! Based on what we've seen already, these will be more quality sculpts.

Current goal: unlock of the alien queue at £290,000!

Friday, 22 November 2013

On the workbench: Iron Hands Master of the Forge on bike

I've always wanted a Master of the Forge on a bike, with a conversion beamer. I decided that I had to have one for my Iron Hands army.

I've got lots more to do on this guy (not least base him!), but I'm waiting on a conversion beamer part and so thought I'd share some shots.

The reds look a little brighter than they are in real life, but hopefully the model as a whole is sufficiently different to a normal Iron Hands trooper is show he is a Techmarine.

There are quite a few different kits in this one model:

- Techmarine head is from the Ravenwing upgrade kit (I'll be adding a respirator mouthpiece over the Dark Angels icon, but you can't even see it in this picture);
- left leg is from Kromlechs bionics set;
- right shoulder pad is from a Space Marines vehicle upgrade sprue;
- torso is from a Space Marines assault squad boxed set (I like the harness - when he is finished, he'll have a large backpack and conversion beamer, so I harness to hold everything in place seemed appropriate)

As with the rest of my Iron Hands, the decals are from the GW decal sheet

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

All hail the Iron Hands 2

To break up the flow of painting Tau battle suits, I decided to to a bit more work on my Iron Hands force. I've already painted up one squad, and so decided to finish a few more Tactical Marines.

I've used the legs from the GW Finecast upgrade pack on the sergeant, together with a head from the Kromlech bionics set. The decals are nice and smooth - taken from the GW Iron Hands decal sheet, and applied with Vallejo Decal Fix.

As ever, this shot remind me I needed to correct the gun barrel (I misdrilled it, so I'll need to correct it with green stuff then redrill it!).

This guy has a FW head - I think Mark V.

One of my favourite heads from the GW Finecast upgrade pack…

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Farsight Enclave: Crisis Battlesuit Team 3

Phew! Team 3 now incoming… Getting quite tired of doing this suits, so will probably take a break with some other models after this unit.

For some reason, this guy is my favourite so far - he just looks a bit more threatening than the others!

A slightly more dynamic pose for this model, although seeing the photo makes me realise I must tidy up the leg joint…

The final member is the victim of a little mistake! I cut and reposed his leg, but accidentally glued it on the wrong way round! Ironically, I think it looks better like this. Once I realise what I had done, I looked back over some of the other Crisis suit models and found that I had actually done this a few times…

Here's a picture of the team assembled.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Farsight Enclave: Crisis Battlesuit Team 2

Getting pretty Tau'd out, if that is even a phrase!

Crisis Team 2 is now done, save for the possible extra flamers. This team incorporates the test model I completed during the summer, which is actually painted in slightly different reds (but close enough that I didn't want to repaint him!).

Nothing much to report on these dudes, except that I went with a "flying" pose on the team leader. I used the GW painting guide conversion to achieve this, by clipping the legs at the knee then gluing them. It's quite easy but quite effective!

Shame about the arms - I looked online but couldn't find an easy method to repose them, so everyone is stuck with that mono pose…

Monday, 11 November 2013

Alien vs Predator Miniatures Game by Prodos Games: The Kickstarter has landed

Anyone who looks around this blog for even a few posts will realise that I'm a huge Aliens and Predator fan. I love the movies, the comics, the books and the games. I've always wanted a properly supported, official game for this series, but to date no such thing existed.

That's all changed: Prodos Games (makers of Warzone Resurrection) have started a fully-licenced Kickstarter project!

Go here for full details

I'm definitely in on this project - the initial imagery looks great, with a Space Hulk style game, lots of models in the box and the prospect of scaleability…

The project has gotten off to a great start, with lots of unlocks already underway. Some of these really show commitment to the franchise - such as the Kickstarter exclusive Predator Berserker (from Predators), the Predator Hellhounds (also from Predators), a unique Colonial Marine Sergeant, and the prospect of sentry guns!

The sculpts look great - very impressed…

Some unlocks are also very surprising - such as a female Predator model! The render shown on Kickstarter looks like this will be an interesting model to paint up. I'm hoping that we will see some variant aliens (maybe from Colonial Marines? It was a bad game, but had some good ideas…).

So, if you are an Aliens or Predator fan get over to Kickstarter and put in your pledge!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Farsight Enclave: Crisis Battlesuit Team 1

I've been working hard on my Farsight Tau project for some weeks now, and I'm hoping to get it finished by Christmas (alongside the Iron Hand project and a few other commission pieces!).

When the new Tau codex dropped, I was impressed by the possibilities of a new army. However, it wasn't until the release of the Farsight Enclaves supplement that I really decided to go with a Tau force. I've previously reviewed that supplement and the main thing to know about it is that it allows you to take Crisis Teams as troopers. 

I will probably post my (potential) army list at some point next week, but for now here is my current state of progress…

The only decal work done on this unit is on the power packs. Apply that single decal looks easy, right? Wrong… The surface is quite curved, and getting to Farsight emblem to apply smoothly proved quite annoying!

As an aside, I used the Vallejo Decal Fix product. I've used MicroSol and MicroSet before, and whilst they are great products I couldn't get hold of any at a reasonable price when my last supply ran out. Decal Fix is available quite cheaply on Ebay. I gave it a try, and I would definitely recommend it.

Here are some close-ups of the team. I'm planning on having each team equipped with double weapons; allowing for specialism on the battlefield. The only slight caveat to that is I've read some interesting advice online, about putting flamers on each team as a charge deterrent (you get D3 "wall of death" attacks against a unit that declares a charge, and the supporting fire rules allows other nearby Tau units to add the weight of their flamers as well). This sounds like a really good way of holding off hordes, which will be the bane of a small elite army like this.

Next up: more Tau - this time with plasma rifles...

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Grey Knights Techmarine with Conversion Beamer

Slow week for model-making... Lots of real work to do and such little time for miniatures...

This is an older model, which I haven't shown on the blog before. I mentioned a while ago the Chapterhouse Studios conversion beamer kit, and this model shows it off very well.

Sadly, I don't think that this kit is being cast any longer.

The kit originally came with two backpack choices, as well as the beamer and a servo-arm. One backpack allows you to use both of these, whilst the other allows you to use either the beamer or an arm.

This is also one of my favourite Techmarine models - I really like the helmet and additional bionic detailing. The armour appears a bit more ornate than some of the other GW Techmarines, and so I thought this piece would be ideal as a Grey Knights Techmarine.

For reference, the only other (official) conversion beamers currently in production are that for the Comptemptor Dreadnought (too big for a Marine) and Valthex of the Astral Claws (available from FW). The latter is a really nice model, and I'm going to be picking one up for conversion work in the next few months.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

On the workbench

This week has been quite busy, and what with finishing my current commission queue I thought I'd do some of my own models. My own backlog of plastic is pretty bad (it's a common problem!)...

Firstly, here are some WIP Farsight Enclave suits. I've enjoyed painting the darker red colour - forgive the lighting, they've come out looking a bit brighter than they actually are.

Here are two more in various states of completion. The great thing about this army, from a hobbyist's perspective, is that it's a low model count army. That allows for extra time posing each suit, and doing things like markings and unit badges which I otherwise wouldn't have the time to do.

Secondly, I'm working on my next Iron Hands tactical squad. I picked up some new tactical squad legs for a bits website - as I haven't bought a full new box yet, this was my first experience with the new bits. Got so they are a very sharply sculpted, and I'm looking forward to getting a fresh tac box very soon. The detail is much crisper than the box they replaced.

Thirdly, here's another side project - an Iron Hands Master of the Forge on a bike. He's going to be equipped with a conversion beamer (from Chapterhouse Studios). Still a lot of work left to be done on him, but coming along nicely.