Monday, 11 November 2013

Alien vs Predator Miniatures Game by Prodos Games: The Kickstarter has landed

Anyone who looks around this blog for even a few posts will realise that I'm a huge Aliens and Predator fan. I love the movies, the comics, the books and the games. I've always wanted a properly supported, official game for this series, but to date no such thing existed.

That's all changed: Prodos Games (makers of Warzone Resurrection) have started a fully-licenced Kickstarter project!

Go here for full details

I'm definitely in on this project - the initial imagery looks great, with a Space Hulk style game, lots of models in the box and the prospect of scaleability…

The project has gotten off to a great start, with lots of unlocks already underway. Some of these really show commitment to the franchise - such as the Kickstarter exclusive Predator Berserker (from Predators), the Predator Hellhounds (also from Predators), a unique Colonial Marine Sergeant, and the prospect of sentry guns!

The sculpts look great - very impressed…

Some unlocks are also very surprising - such as a female Predator model! The render shown on Kickstarter looks like this will be an interesting model to paint up. I'm hoping that we will see some variant aliens (maybe from Colonial Marines? It was a bad game, but had some good ideas…).

So, if you are an Aliens or Predator fan get over to Kickstarter and put in your pledge!

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