Tuesday, 19 November 2013

All hail the Iron Hands 2

To break up the flow of painting Tau battle suits, I decided to to a bit more work on my Iron Hands force. I've already painted up one squad, and so decided to finish a few more Tactical Marines.

I've used the legs from the GW Finecast upgrade pack on the sergeant, together with a head from the Kromlech bionics set. The decals are nice and smooth - taken from the GW Iron Hands decal sheet, and applied with Vallejo Decal Fix.

As ever, this shot remind me I needed to correct the gun barrel (I misdrilled it, so I'll need to correct it with green stuff then redrill it!).

This guy has a FW head - I think Mark V.

One of my favourite heads from the GW Finecast upgrade pack…

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