Friday, 22 November 2013

On the workbench: Iron Hands Master of the Forge on bike

I've always wanted a Master of the Forge on a bike, with a conversion beamer. I decided that I had to have one for my Iron Hands army.

I've got lots more to do on this guy (not least base him!), but I'm waiting on a conversion beamer part and so thought I'd share some shots.

The reds look a little brighter than they are in real life, but hopefully the model as a whole is sufficiently different to a normal Iron Hands trooper is show he is a Techmarine.

There are quite a few different kits in this one model:

- Techmarine head is from the Ravenwing upgrade kit (I'll be adding a respirator mouthpiece over the Dark Angels icon, but you can't even see it in this picture);
- left leg is from Kromlechs bionics set;
- right shoulder pad is from a Space Marines vehicle upgrade sprue;
- torso is from a Space Marines assault squad boxed set (I like the harness - when he is finished, he'll have a large backpack and conversion beamer, so I harness to hold everything in place seemed appropriate)

As with the rest of my Iron Hands, the decals are from the GW decal sheet

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