Sunday, 3 November 2013

On the workbench

This week has been quite busy, and what with finishing my current commission queue I thought I'd do some of my own models. My own backlog of plastic is pretty bad (it's a common problem!)...

Firstly, here are some WIP Farsight Enclave suits. I've enjoyed painting the darker red colour - forgive the lighting, they've come out looking a bit brighter than they actually are.

Here are two more in various states of completion. The great thing about this army, from a hobbyist's perspective, is that it's a low model count army. That allows for extra time posing each suit, and doing things like markings and unit badges which I otherwise wouldn't have the time to do.

Secondly, I'm working on my next Iron Hands tactical squad. I picked up some new tactical squad legs for a bits website - as I haven't bought a full new box yet, this was my first experience with the new bits. Got so they are a very sharply sculpted, and I'm looking forward to getting a fresh tac box very soon. The detail is much crisper than the box they replaced.

Thirdly, here's another side project - an Iron Hands Master of the Forge on a bike. He's going to be equipped with a conversion beamer (from Chapterhouse Studios). Still a lot of work left to be done on him, but coming along nicely.

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