Sunday, 29 December 2013

Farsight Enclave: Broadside 2

Managed to finish and photo the last Broadside for my Farsight army.

The reds are a lot deeper and richer than these photos show - using Khorne Red as a base coat, highlighted with Wazdakka Red then Squig Orange.

I varied the grey colour plates on this model, and also changed the pose a little.

Next up? A squad of Stealth suit models...


  1. Colour theme is superb! Please can you list the colours used on grey areas and on lenses?

    1. Glad you like the scheme. Here are the colours used...

      For the grey:
      1. Basecoat Mechanicus Standard Grey
      2. Paint recesses with Nuln Oil
      3. Layer Dawnstone over the grey
      4. Edge highlight with Celestra Grey

      For the lenses (this is very simple!):
      1. Old Tau Sept Ochre on edge of lens (leaving centre black)
      2. Edge highlight with Yriel Yellow
      3. Add highlight (usually just a dot) to upper and lower lens using White Scar

    2. Thank you very much! I'll try this paint theme on my battlesuits.

    3. Glad I could help - let me know how they work out!