Sunday, 8 December 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Part 3: Misc Bad Guys

Final part in this series, and today I'm showing the last three models that I've painted - a hopelessly-out-of-scale Kraang and two Foot Soldiers!

I went with a larger scale base for the Kraang figure, and pinned him. The colour scheme was just basic flesh tones.

The two ninjas were very low-detail sculpts. After undercoating, their eyes and headbands were invisible. The detail on the clothing is quite low, and everything that is defined is quite blobby.

Sadly, this project was a case of diminishing returns really. The Turtles figures were very nicely sculpted and painted up well; where there was low detail, the figures were easy enough to fill in. Some of the later models were not so straightforward - even the Shredder figure in that regard - and the last few could've done with some major resculpting or freehand detailing to achieve a good result.

The book actually came with two more figures - a robot thing with a Kraang in its stomach, and an ooze counter - but I decided to put those two things off for now.

Still, I am pleased with the end result and the pieces do look really good together. The value can't be argued with - £4-5 pounds for all of these models! The bases cost about the same, but I think they add lots to the set. I finished these with grass tufts and some water effects (difficult to see on the photos).

So, I'll be taking a brief break from painting, then on with the Farsight army project - some Stealth Suits and Broadsides are the next goal

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