Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Judge Dredd: Judge on Lawmaster and new Dredd figure

Following on from my post last week, I've been busy doing more Dredd-painting! This time we have a Lawmaster and the man himself - shown here with two judges I painted last year (another Dredd sculpt and a psi-judge).

The Lawmaster has apparently been a long time coming to the Mongoose range, but it's a really nice model! Again, these are properly retro figures - the entire body is metal, and the figure has a real heft to it. 

Be aware, if you build one of these, that the handlebars require some bending to get into the right position. The body is a little small compared to the other judges, but not so much that it's a problem.

I decided to mount the model on a resin base I had spare, to add some interest and protect the metal wheels. The worst part about metal models: the paintwork rubbing off as you work on the model!

This judge is armed with a scatter gun as well - just realised that I forgot to highlight the holster...

I've also just finished this Dredd model. This is a newer sculpt to the one I painted up last year, and I think it is much better. The pose is nicely dynamic, and the body is properly proportioned.

Just another view of the model:

So, what's next on the painting desk? More Tau (although not much more - nearly finished my Farsight army), some more Batman models and probably some Tyranids...