Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Batman MIniatures Game: "Arkham Origins" Batman

I'm a huge fan of the BMG, and recently picked up the newest version of Batman - "Arkham Origins". This figure represents a "Year One" level Batman, from 2013's Origins game. That received mixed reviews, but I quite liked it.

Origins Batman comes in four parts - the main body, the left leg, and both forearms. He is cast in soft white metal and comes with a plastic base.

I decided to paint him in a rougher, more weathered way: I already have two "showroom ready" versions of Batman, so wanted to do something a little different. This reflects his appearance in the game as well - by the end, he's looking pretty battered...

The under suit was painted with GW's old Charadon Granite - a really nice mixed grey/brown. Sadly, there's no replacement in the current range. I highlighted the suit with increasing amounts of Dawnstone, then Administratum Grey.

The black armour portions were done with Mechanicus Grey, Dawnstone then Administratum Grey.

I would have liked the cape to appear a bit more ragged - this again would have reflected the appearance in the game. Nonetheless, it is nicely sculpted and has a good impression of movement.

I added weathering with Ironbreaker, and a tiny sponge (held in tweezers) loaded with Rhionox Hide - added barely visible chipping to the under suit.

The most difficult part of the model was the face. This is hardly visible, but for some reason the detail just didn't seem to pop up. I couldn't get the mouth to look "snarling" as it does on the blister, and so settled on the grimace we have here. The flesh tones were very slightly greyed, to suggest stubble. I could've gone further with this, but I was concerned that the chin would "merge" with the black/grey tones elsewhere on the model.

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