Saturday, 22 February 2014

Batman Miniatures Game: Silk Spectre II from Watchmen - and some re-photography!

Another Batman figure today!

Knight Models produce some Watchmen figures for their Batman game. I'm a great fan of the movie and comic book, so decided to paint this faction up as well.

Another great model to paint, which came together very easily. Laurie comes as a main body, two forearms, and a head, as well as a plastic base. The parts went together no problems.

I went with a deep blue/black instead of real black. Highlights were achieved by adding the old GW Space Wolf Grey with Dawnstone and Administratum Grey.

Meanwhile, the yellow portions of the costume were painted with Tausept Ochre - a nice dull yellow, superb for blocking out over a black undercoat - with increasing amounts of Yriel Yellow. I felt that the end result nicely matched the Silk Spectre costume.

This shot demonstrates my only real complaint with this miniature: it is quite "flat". The other Knight Models figures I have are really dynamic, even if in static poses. This figure is obviously in an action pose, but appears flat side-on.

The hair was quite challenging. I eventually used Rhinox Hide as a base, adding Gorthor Brown, then mixing in a little Kommando Khaki (an older paint). I then carefully washed back the highlights with Agrax Earthshade.

I also got a comment from a reader a while ago that they disliked the red backgrounds on some of my earlier Batman photos! What can I say: it was an experiment that went wrong... So I re-shot some of my earlier figures, and they are shown below.

Finally, here is a "usual suspects" shot of my collection so far - note Bane's imposing stature, as well as the Dark Knight's height.

I think I have enough Batmen for now, but hoping to paint up Ras al Ghul or some Gotham cops in the near future...

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