Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Batman: Poison Ivy

Continuing my interest in the Batman: Arkham City miniatures game, I recently painted the Poison Ivy model. 

This was a very nice model to build and paint. It has some nice surface detail, and stretches your ability as a fine-detail painter (look at the vines/plants on her body - those required a steady hand and a very fine brush). The model has some real character, although I'm not such a fan of the Arkham Asylum/City version of Ivy - I'd prefer a more "classic" interpretation. That being said, Knight Models have actually released several versions of some Batman characters - so a further version can't be ruled out I guess!

I did find the individual parts quite "fiddly" for this model though. The head and arms (or at least one arm) are separate, but so small (probably a 3 mm across) that I couldn't pin them, so had to rely on superglue. 

Previous Knight Models figures have been very detailed but quite chunky - I already have DKR Bane, DKR Batman and Arkham City Batman, and all of these are substantial miniatures. Ivy has some quite thin arms and a very feminine outline.

I toyed with the idea of doing this model in flesh tones, maybe washing it back with green. I even considered going with a white undercoat, then washing with Thrakka Green (or the modern equivalent). In the end I thought bright greens over a black undercoat was best - there is a lot of definition in this model, so I think it worked out well.  

I added some foliage and static grass to the base, which adds to Ivy's plant-like nature. The figure already comes with a metal plant as part of the slotta base.

A close-up on the face - note that the hair has more highlighting than appears on this photo. For some reason the reds and browns have washed out here.

What's next for the Batman collection? I've just bought (another!) Batman (Arkham Origins version), and also the Silk Spectre II - hoping to get working on those in next few weeks...

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