Monday, 10 February 2014

Gang Wars from Shapeways: Gun Girls in Trenchcoats (aka Necromunda Delaque)

A while ago, I placed an order with Shapeways for a number of interesting conversion bits and figures. Whilst some of these turned out to be not as interesting as useful as I would have hoped (the female Space Marine conversion set was just too much work!), I was really impressed by the Gang Wars female gangster set. 

I forgot to take a picture of the models as they came, but they were basically crisp, semi-transparent resin/plastic. They are one-piece sculpts, and fit slottabases easily. They take superglue well. 

They had no clean up at all, but did have a slightly pitted/rough finish on set smoother areas of the model. This was frustrating to ry to remove, and in the end I just sprayed a decent undercoat to try to get rid of the imperfections. The models took Halfords spray paint well.

And here is the end result...

I dropped this model during painting, and broke off the outstretched arm. Note that these models are very delicate - the plastic is quite brittle. They would be fine for general gaming though, and I reattached the arm easily enough.

The sculpting to the face is a little rough - the features are quite minimal, but again as gaming figures these do fine. All of the models have lots of nice little details such as pouches, belts etc.

Probably my least favourite of the three miniatures, due to the pose, but I still like it.

For scale, I also took this shot - as you can see, the sculpts are quite slender but fit well with 28/30mm scale models. Understandably, the Space Marine Scout towers of them.

The Gang Wars webshop can be found on Shapeways. These models aren't available in their current incarnation any more, but a newer, chunkier version is - check it out here.

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