Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Hasslefree: Morgan

Very small update today! I was recently asked to paint a number of "special agent" type figures, from a variety of manufacturers, and I have just finished one of these: "Morgan" from Hasselfree.

Hasslefree has a huge range of quality miniatures, from sci-fi to fantasy - if you are ever in a painting rut, then check out these guys. They are a really nice company and always have something to test your painting skills!

Morgan is a nicely detailed real world model - suitable for use jun sci-fi or modern espionage types scenarios. 

I chose two complementary colours for the clothing, and as I was only painting a few models I really highlighted these up to pastel colours. I did the same with the hair - the pale colour palette worked out well.

For scale, here is the model alongside Mongoose's Psi Judge and a GW Chaos Cultist. Morgan is naturally a small statured figure, but note that Hasslefree models are also quite slender in proportion (28mm scale, but nowhere near as heroic as some manufacturers).

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