Saturday, 8 February 2014

Warforge: Alicia von Gaut

Warforge produces a couple of great sic-fi miniatures, suitable for use in 40k. This company has really nailed the 40k Gothic aesthetic, and when their female commissar was released I was very eager to paint some of their models. Then came the Alicia von Gaut miniature, and I knew that I had to buy one. 

This is a 28/30mm scale miniature, available in either resin or metal. I went with metal, and I'm glad I did. The scale is perfect for Warhammer 40,000 but be aware that the figure is quite slender - I would be wary of breaking it in resin (especially the haft of her mace). 

It is supplied in several pieces - the main body, the head, the hair, two separate arms, and the resin base. The latter is a nice touch!

I based on colour scheme on the Warforge website, but made some changes - opting for more red and white, and going with auburn hair over blue. The red was done with my new favourite layer combination: Mephiston Red, washed with Carroburg Crimson, layered with Evil Sunz Scarlett, highlighted with Wild Rider Red. 

The arms were unusually annoying to attach. They are such thin pieces that they cannot be pinned, and instead I relied on superglue. It took some filing and repeated gluing to get them to stay in place.

Alicia also wears some fetching plate mail leg greaves, but also comes with a larger pleated skirt piece. This looks quite Victorian in aspect, and can be attached to her back. I chose to leave this off.

Note that the feet needed a little work. I added some pins to the feet, creating pseudo heels. This allowed the model to stand properly and also created some appropriate detail for the legs and shoes.

The most obvious use for such a figure is as a female inquisitor, either in an Inquisition or Grey Knights army. Here she is with some second edition Stormtroopers - standing quite tall, but definitely in scale.

I also took a scale shot, to demonstrate her height and proportions. From left to right: Alicia (Warforge), Stormtrooper (GW), mutant ganger (Mongoose), cultist (GW), zombie (Hasslefree). She scales up fine to the GW figures (remembering that she has a slightly elevated base and posture), but would struggle against Hasslefree I think.

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