Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Quick Cadians: Female Troopers

Today I finished a small commission project, using a variety of bits from third party manufacturers. The models hopefully showcase how the various parts can be used.

I was asked to do a tabletop squad of these models, in the standard Cadian colour scheme. This has gone through a number of variations over the years (especially with the release of the new paints), so I went for the typical scheme used in the "How to Paint Citadel Miniatures" guide.

The most interesting aspect of this project was that my client wanted an all-female squad! Here are the finished models:

The miniatures are obviously based on the standard Cadian sprue from GW; I used the legs, arms and weapons. I combined these with the "female conversion set" from Shadowforge miniatures (the Laughing Monk range). A quick look online suggests that these might no longer be available, but I could be wrong about that.

The set originally included a variety of replacement torsos and heads, to convert a whole squad of troopers. The torsos are generally nice and useable, but the heads were less so. I picked the best ones, and combined these with a sprue of female heads from Microart Studios. Again, unfortunately, a quick search online suggests that these are now discontinued - they look to have disappeared following the MAS split last year!

This model shows a torso and head - I guess with the plastic longboat legs, these parts would make a decent female commissar as well.

This miniature demonstrates a Microart Studios head. These heads are very well sculpted - good expressions, excellent detail and fun to paint. They are much better than the Shadowforge heads, and the scale is about right.

These two troopers demonstrate the original Shadowforge heads. As can be seen, the detail is cruder and almost "elvish" (or Eldar!). The berets were the nicest of the bunch; also included were some heads in cloth caps, some in Naval caps, and some bare heads. Interestingly, the set also included some "half-heads" which could be glued in to the plastic Cadian helmet... That sounds like a good idea, but in reality the helmet looks enormous and the bits just didn't work together.

This trooper has a Shadowforge torso and a MAS head.

Same again head.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend searching out these bits if you want to build a female Guard squad. If you're a true infantry head, then any variation in your stock troops has to be a good thing. I question why GW doesn't just make a head or two for the Cadian squad...


  1. It's a bit odd the way GW don't do ANY female models. Warhammer has a few in the form of Bretonnians I suppose - but there are plenty of options out there I suppose for the adventurous gamer. You've done a fantastic job on these, the client will be pleased I'm sure!

    1. Thanks for the comment, and glad you like them! I agree on the GW point - it would be so easy to put some conversion bits on a plastic Guard frame somewhere...