Friday, 7 March 2014

Trollforged Miniatures: Imperial Greatcoat Commander

Trollforged Miniatures was undoubtedly the forerunner in casting of community-sculpted models, and continues to release a series of interesting and unique miniatures. A while ago I picked up this model, and recently finished painting him.

This is a Greatcoat Platoon Commander, released as part of Trollforged's Greatcoat range. These are bearskin-hat-wearing, rifle-toting sci-fi troopers - similar to but not the same as GW's Vostroyans. I haven't purchased any of those, but the Platoon Commander appealed to me because he has so many uses in other games. I painted him in regal, deep reds, but plan on using him as a Primaris Psyker in 40k. He'd be ideal for use as a commander in an Imperial Guard army as well - Vostroyans immediately come to mind, but would make a good Cadian general in the right colour scheme. 

The model is single piece, cast from super light resin. The sculpting is perhaps cruder than some manufacturers, but the model is very cheap and I like the character. 

The face in particular has nice detail, and the chunky sculpting takes painting and subsequent highlighting very well.

The shot below shows the detailing on the cape, providing plenty of opportunity to add highlights.


  1. Nice work! great to see the great coats getting some love. Its a shame the range is so small.

    1. I totally agree on the greatcoats. I'm also a fan of the British-looking range, which again is quite small but has a lot of character.

  2. Love the reds, love the model. Great work!