Monday, 14 April 2014

Work in progress: Tyranid Exocrine

I've recently been commissioned to paint some more Tyranids, in the same scheme as the larger force I painted last year. This second commission will include an Exocrine, a Crone, Zoanthropes, a Venomthrope, Genestealers, a Broodlord and some scenery pieces. 

I enjoyed doing the scheme last year, so this is a welcome opportunity to return to it!

I managed to make some progress on the Exocrine this weekend, and here he is...


  1. Looks great man :) Yeah the cannon is good. I like the Scion too :P

  2. Love how the blue pops out on the model!

    1. Cheers - it's one of my favourite Tyranid schemes! Looking forwards to doing more patterning on the Hive Crone.