Friday, 23 May 2014

Astra Militarum Character Series: FW Thunderbolt Pilot

A few spare hours today and I managed to finish painting a model that I've had on my painting desk for several months - an Imperial Guard Thunderbolt Pilot. 

This was a limited edition figure release by Forgeworld several years ago. I acquired it via a friend of mine, who was selling two of them. I painted one up for an Elysian project a did a couple of years ago, and saved the other for myself. 

This is a very nicely detailed miniature, as you'd expect from a limited edition FW piece. The resin is crisp and the detail sufficiently deep to take washes and highlight. 

I'm planning on using him as an Officer of the Fleet in my Savlar Chem Dogs army, or perhaps as an objective marker - the idea of a downed fighter pilot requesting immediate evac from enemy-held territory would make a great narrative...

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  1. orrrrr, we could play a allied Elysian/AM list together in a 2s tournament and they could bro-fist each other all game