Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Tyranids: Aegis Defence Line

Today I managed to finish painting and photographing an unusual pice of scenery for the Tyranid project - a third party AGL...

The set came with six long wall sections (four undamaged, two damaged) and four end sections.

Generally, the detail is nice and fun to paint. The set isn't the same level of detail as say Secret Weapon bases, or a real GW kit, but it is about the same dimensions as a real AGL and it's almost necessary for a Tyranid army to function!

This shot shows the damaged section - note the water effects and gloss I used on the fleshy parts beneath the armour plating. The general scheme is to match the bases of the rest of the army; I think this will denote these parts as scenery.

All of the long sections assembled and painted (my client only want four, like a genuine AGL).

And the end sections.

A reverse shot of the long sections - there is some nice ribbing, very Alien-style...

Here's a shot of some gene stealers behind the AGL, ready to strike - as you can see, the scale is just right.

Next up, some Zoanthropes...


  1. Wow...these look amazing. I especially like the exposed organic bits contrasting with the outer chitin layer. Nicely weathered and organic looking.

    1. Hey Greg, thanks for the comment. Yes, these are nice pieces to paint up and I appreciated all the biomechanics detail - they fit in great with the tyrannic range