Sunday, 8 June 2014

Tyranids: Second Genestealer Brood

Apologies for the long delay since my last blogpost - I scheduled something to be posted, but got the date wrong, and hence the lack of updates over the last few days.

Today I can post the second gene stealer brood in a commission I've been asked to complete - another eight 'stealers...

These were painted up the same as the last brood, but I varied the patterning a little on their back plates.

Here are two of my favourites: nothing special about them, but you can't beat that classes genestealer look...

As an aside, I've just noticed that both genestealer sets I was asked to paint up had a plastic piece with a missing claw! I thought maybe this had snapped off, but on closer inspection both arm sets have exactly the same fault - I'll go back to those models with some greenstuff and resculpt the missing claws.

Next up: a Tyranid-style Aegis defence line...

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