Saturday, 14 June 2014

Tyranids: Zoanthrope Brood

Managed to finish the next two models in this project today - two Zoanthropes...

When the new 'Nid codex hit, I was really hopeful we'd see a revised Zoanthrope in plastic, but alas that wasn't the case. These models are okay, but show their age. They have some nice rules though, and I'd use them if I regularly played my Tyranids.

I added the distinctive patterning across the carapace, and also on the fan fans.

I also ran turquoise wash into the recessed areas of the brain and fins - suggesting some pent-up psychic energy ready to be unleashed.

Bases are from Secret Weapon again - these are highly detailed and I'd highly recommend them!

This leaves only two more models to complete on this project: a Broodlord and a Venomthrope. The Venomthrope is being undercoated as we speak, so progress is well under way.

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