Sunday, 6 July 2014

Batman Miniatures Game: Cops

I've written lots of pieces about how I'm impressed with Knight Models miniatures game, and I picked up some more figures at Salute 2014. I've been inundated with Tyranids this year, so only just gotten around to painting up the new miniatures.

Although I've read the rulebook, I've never actually played BMG. I figure if I ever do play, I'll be Batman (who wouldn't want to be?!?), so I've started collecting some erstwhile allies.

This is the second Gotham cops set released...

Sculpting on the second cop was a little rougher than most models I've received from Knight Models. The face was a bit deformed, and I had to resculpt part of the eye. Not a major issue, and it looks passable at a gaming distance, but a shame because the rest of the piece is so nice.

His big yellow gun is actually a taser, with full special rules - every model gets their own character card and full rules detailed.

Here are the cops together. They look to be quite cheap in the game as well, so will probably be included in most of my games when (if) I get around to playing.

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