Monday, 14 July 2014

Tyranids: Housekeeping!

Whenever I finish a decent sized project, there always seem to be a few niggling things that I need to touch up. This commission was no different, and I spent the weekend finishing off various unresolved tasks...

Firstly, I rebased the Zoanthrope models. They are Finecast and even though they'd only sat on the desk for a couple of weeks, they had already started to "lean". The resin is quite saggy and loose; my client asked that I rebase them with brass rod. 

For anyone buying these models, this is a really good idea and very easy to do.

I kept the alien stalk detail as a resin feature, and just ran the rod into the resin base and into the Zoanthrope tails. Both models are very solid, and should stand up to gaming for a few years I'd say.

Secondly, I was asked to magnetise the underside of the Hive Crone. Again, an easy task which adds a lot to the model.

Magnets were courtesy of Anvil Industries - they are small and very strong.

I just embedded a magnet into the holder bit on the underside of each wing, then added a magnet to the underside of each of the organic bomb bits.

I' ve just noticed that I need to touch up the attachment bits - oops! I clipped these back just a little so that the magnet-to-magnet connection was a bit more flush.

Here's the finished Crone with bombs attached - they are very firmly in place.

Thirdly, my client wanted to see the mysterious missing gene stealer claws... Anyone else had this? Two of the stealer sprues a claw in exactly the same place: hard to spot unless you look carefully, but it is the last digit on each right-hand claw...

Hoping to get a project photo done this week, and that will be the completion of the Tyranid project!

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