Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Blightwheel Miniatures: Hell'ington Britanic Officer

Blightwheel Miniatures makes some awesome 28mm scale models, and back in April I bought several of their resin sculpts as Salute. 

Here is a Britanic officer from their Hell'ington range - an alternative WW1-looking range, full of gas masks, tin hats and archaic weapons. 

The model was easy to assemble, coming in several small parts, and a joy to paint. The detail is sharp and the resin durable. 

I painted the officer in the colour scheme of my Savlar Chem-Dogs, figuring that he'd be a good addition to a command squad. The scale is slightly more diminutive than usual GW Guard sculpting but not so much that the miniatures couldn't be used in the same army.

I added a random decal to the power fist, used periodically throughout my Chem-Dog army.

This shot shows the studding on the chest plate, as well as the rank insignia on the shoulder guard.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Blightwheel Miniatures: Knight Squire, aka Mecha Pilot

Today I finished painting a small side project: a Blightwheel Miniatures Mecha Pilot

I decided to add this model to my collection because it fits the style of the GW Imperial Knights so well. Although his official designation is a Mecha Pilot, I've dubbed him a Knight Squire. He will make an ideal objective model in a 40k game!

Plenty of nice detail on this piece, down to the bag that he carries. It's a shame more companies don't make non-combatant miniatures like this: it's just a nice model to paint up! I added a lightnin-bolt symbol of the shoulder plate as a finishing touch.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game: HS2 Holocaust Suit Judge

I recently picked up another model for Mongoose's JDMG. This is a "resculpt" of an earlier model from their Starship Troopers game, originally sold as a "Grizzly" suit. I always liked the model, and back in the day I even had a couple of squads of these models. When it was re-released I decided to paint one up.

This is an all-metal model, and has an old-school weight to it. I extensively picked the limbs and accessories.

This is a nice model, but does have some rough parts: the finish on some of the smooth metal areas is pitted and difficult to repair.

The ammo drum on the cannon is an example of a metal defect; I tried to repair this but left it as battle damage in the end. Sadly i just couldn't repair or improve the searchlight on the right; it was a mashed up mess of detail, so I just painted it up as best I could.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Savlar Chem Dogs: Astra Militarum General conversion

Recently had hardly any time to paint (and even less time to take photographs), so apologies for the lack of updates! Real life has been hectic, and I've decided to start concentrating on smaller projects and character models rather than full scale army projects. The general state of 40k has left me feeling a little despondent, and I rather feel that my days of investing hundreds of pounds into new armies twice a year have long gone... The Grey Knights codex in particular was a huge disappointment to me (hot on the heels of the tragic Tyranids codex), but that's a whole 'nother story...

Today I'm showcasing a conversion that I've been working on for a while, using a combination of bits from various GW kits and some third party parts as well: a Savlar Chem senior officer.

The colour scheme is of course inspired by my large Chem Dog army, with some personal variations to mark the model as an officer (such as the lurid red coat lining). I based him on a piece of garden slate to make him a little more imposing.

The model has a large variety of parts:

  • Head from Dragonforge models (they have a really nice set of varied metal heads, including some with wild hair, eye patches, etc - very nice facial expressions as well);
  • Legs from the Cadian infantry box;
  • Torso from an old Imperial Guard tank upgrade sprue;
  • Arms and coat parts from the Tempestus Militarum Scions box.

Gotta love that coat! It's a nice part which looks great on an officer or commissar model.

Another view of the coat...

These photos show the detail on the head part (and also the wrist-mounted computer).