Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game: HS2 Holocaust Suit Judge

I recently picked up another model for Mongoose's JDMG. This is a "resculpt" of an earlier model from their Starship Troopers game, originally sold as a "Grizzly" suit. I always liked the model, and back in the day I even had a couple of squads of these models. When it was re-released I decided to paint one up.

This is an all-metal model, and has an old-school weight to it. I extensively picked the limbs and accessories.

This is a nice model, but does have some rough parts: the finish on some of the smooth metal areas is pitted and difficult to repair.

The ammo drum on the cannon is an example of a metal defect; I tried to repair this but left it as battle damage in the end. Sadly i just couldn't repair or improve the searchlight on the right; it was a mashed up mess of detail, so I just painted it up as best I could.

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