Thursday, 2 October 2014

Graven Images from Monolith Designs: Gorilla Soldiers

I recently went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and this got me thinking about apes miniatures. There have been several over the years but that's for another post! Today I finished painting these 36-40mm miniatures from Graven Images.

I picked up these models absolutely years ago, and they have been waiting patiently at the back of my miniatures box. A gap in my painting schedule finally gave me time to get them done! 

I went with a "classic" colour scheme for my gorilla soldiers, but a slightly lighter purple than the traditional fatigues. The models are otherwise quite muted in terms of palette. I did take a couple of minor artistic deviations to brighten the overall scheme, but they are close enough.

The set comes with a gorilla officer. His helmet badge is actually black in the original movies, but I felt that punting it metallic gave some extra focus.

Lots of nice details on the clothing...

The models come with integrated bases but I mounted them on another plastic base; this just made them slightly more stable.
These are a refreshing change from painting 28mm scale figures. The scale is slightly strange - I've never seen 36-40mm models before, but maybe this is a recognised scale for some figure ranges. I have another blister of these to paint up and hoping to do those shortly...