Thursday, 27 November 2014

Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum Beastman conversions

I've tried lots of different ways of creating classic Imperial Guard beast men, and posted several of these projects on my site. Recently, I decided I'd like to make a proper conscript-squad sized group of these abhumans, and today I'm sharing my experiences in doing this.

Nothing painted yet, and still lots of greenstuff left to do, but the early indications are good!

These are Ungors combined with Catachan arms. I'll be sculpting fur on the shoulders, which allows me to use some Ungor arms as well (the kit has lots of options such as swords, maces, flails, etc).

I'm also planning on using parts from Anvil Industry to make the squad more "sci fi". Bionic arms are a must - above shows some early conversions (again, to be completed with green stuff). The arms fit quite nicely - appropriately weathered, these metal appendages will mix well I think.

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  1. they look very good. I am working on the same for my IA13 Renegades and Heretics. I thought of using Victoria Miniatures arms. Which arms from Anvil Industries did you use? I think they have different sizes?