Sunday, 25 January 2015

Batman Miniatures Game: Poison Ivy Mk 2

Has it really been 6 weeks since my last update!?! 

Unbelievably, yes. Which is not to say that I haven't been busy with both real life and painting... The truth us, somewhat lamely, that I've been unable to get my computer and bluetooth synched properly. In recent months I've been using my phone as my main camera (it has much better resolution and lens than my dedicated camera!), but an update to my laptop seems to have stopped me transferring images... Only today have I figured out a work around...

I finished this model shortly before Christmas: a comic-book version of Poison Ivy, for Knight Models Batman Game!

Whilst I bought, painted and liked the original Ivy model, I've previously noted that some of the Knight Models female sculpts are quite "thin" in comparison to the bulkier male superheroes. This version of Ivy really addresses this issue: she is much more substantial, but proportionally sculpted as well.

The Poison Ivy set also comes with three "plant slaves" for use in the game.  They have their own funky new rules included on the character cards in the blister. As ever, these are nicely sculpted and a good addition to the game (and also quite necessary: there are no such plants available with the Arkham version of Ivy).

I added some foliage and some basing leaves to all four figures, for consistency across the group. the colours are quite a restricted selection, again to tie the models in. I used the same range of greens on Ivy's costume as on the plants.

The interior petals are done with purples, but also flesh colours to add some creepiness to the models. The plants have a real "Little Shop of Horrors" vibe to them - great models!

Don't forget that if you are a fan of the Batman Game, Knight Models is releasing a hardback rulebook (with one of two limited edition models) in February - Wayland Games has a nice deal on the Alfred version of the book if you preorder!

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