Sunday, 8 February 2015

Crooked Dice Miniatures: Ghostbusters

These dudes, from Crooked Dice Miniatures, were supposed to be finished for Halloween... 

In any case, the news that the  Ghostbusters movie will feature an all-female cast (and a great one at that!) spurred me into action. 

I present the Paranormal Exterminators - first up is Slimer...

I bored a hole in the ghost's belly to mount a flyer stand. Great sculpt, only issue I'd raise is that I thought Slimer had a tail in the movie: he's been modelled with a sort of "butt" instead!

These are really nice, detailed and personable sculpts. They paint up easily and are very close to the movie Ghostbusters.

The faces are easily identifiable; you can get a great result out of them with only one of two layers of highlighting...

Here's the whole team together - have no idea what project I'll use them on, but they were great fun to paint and I'd certainly recommend them to any collector.

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