Sunday, 15 February 2015

Deathstorm: Tyranid Warriors

What is it about a boxed set that makes me buy models I normally wouldn't bother with?

That's probably exactly why Games Workshop does this: Deathstorm gives you two reasonably-sized starter armies. I bought it with a friend and cut the models, adding the Tyranids to my Hivefleet Behemoth army...

I went with a close combat-oriented Tyranid Warrior brood, figuring that if I ever use them in a game (which is very unlikely!) they could go in a pod or take cover behind other troops...

The new Warrior sprue is a nice set. It has so many options. I can still remember the older sets which came with so few bits, and trying to scavenge on the bits sites to get rending claws...

The bonesword is a decent upgrade but it is pricy. This unit would probably to ideal for taking on a Marine command squad or the like. Their lack of any sort of frag grenade equivalent is their major disadvantage.

I'm now painting up the Carnifex! That was a nice blast from the past: he'll be finished up soon and I'll post him too.

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