Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hivefleet Behemoth Tyranids: Toxicrene

This model has been a long time in the finishing, but I've finally managed to complete one of GW's biggest bugs: a Toxicrene...

I painted him (it?) up in the Hivefleet Behemoth colour scheme, consistent with the rest of my Tyrannic collection. The red in the photo has come out really flat, but in real life it has a lot more depth to it.

I was pleased with how the toxin sacs came out: I used flesh tones, the Nihilakh Oxide technical paint on the raised veins, and then put a layer of gloss over the top. Those sacs are a nice break from the otherwise monotonous colours used across the fleet!

I was pretty impressed by the quality of this large plastic kit. Some of the other Tyranid kits have quite shallow detail, but this one was quite sharply sculpted. You can make it as a Maleceptor as well, and you have the option of building either in a choice of two poses. I couldn't resist including the dead Space Marine on the base - if you don't build the beast in this pose, you could actually use the Marine as an objective marker.

The tendrils did slightly "droop" during the building process. The GW version shows them as being proud off of the ground, but despite my efforts to keep these pieces in place they ended up in a position that means they touch the tabletop. I'm fine with that: these bits look quite delicate, so at least they have some extra support.

All in all, a very nice kit which I'd definitely recommend!


  1. Did you magnetize the tendrils? That's a mean looking critter! Nice work!

    1. I decided against using magnetics - those tendrils are quite heavy pieces! Storing him is going to be, ah, problematic...