Sunday, 8 March 2015

Iron Hands: Razorback with twin-linked lascannons

Another Iron Hands tank today...

This is a standard lascannon Razorback, made with no real modification. Although it's a typical model, and you see it around all the time, it was still quite nice to make something simple and easy to assemble!

I used the same weathering and chipping techniques as I've used on the whole army. Weathering powders were applied around the track skirting, and these haven't come out so well on the pictures but it reality it looks nice and adds some variety.

I used the GW Iron Hands decals that are no longer in production... That's a shame, because these are nice decals. My only criticism would be that you don't get enough of the larger transfers, which you'd usually use on a tank or vehicle.

I plan on having another three of these in the finished army - one more with a lascannon, and two with assault cannons.

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