Sunday, 19 April 2015

Judge Dredd: Cadet Judges

I've been a fan of 2000 AD and Judge Dredd in particular since I was a young child, and as an adult I've followed the Mongoose Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. Mongoose has a large range of metal models, representing a huge variety of the characters from 2000 AD (with the release of the Rogue Trooper miniatures, going beyond just Dredd!). I was lucky enough to receive the Justice Department boxed set for Christmas, and this week I grabbed some hours to paint up some of the set...

I started with the Cadet Judges. These are really nice and characterful figures!

As you can see (and I'll do a comparison picture once I have a few more Judges painted up), the Cadets are more diminutive in size than the average street judge. In Judge Dredd lore, these would probably be teenagers; the Judges have a lengthy induction process, but these juves are obviously old enough to carry a gun and be out on the streets.

Although I'm a supporter of Mongoose, it has to be said that their Dredd models are a bit "hit and miss". Some are quite crudely sculpted, although they certainly have their charm. However, the more recent miniatures are far more finely sculpted - and the Cadets definitely fall into this category. They have nice surface detail and I found them to be a pleasure to paint.

The second Cadet is a female. She carries the standard Lawgiver and again is nicely scaled and proportioned.

I went with the same colour scheme as my existing Judges, save that on these models I tried something new with the green boots and gloves. On my older figures, I noticed that the green did not really "pop" enough. So this time, I went with something a bit brighter to up the contrast. I subsequently compromised on a different green, but I think that it suits these models just fine.

The white helmets were done with GW's excellent Ceramite White. This is smooth but has good pigment; a couple of coats over a mid-grey base, and the helmets were done.

For 2000 AD miniatures, I'm next going to finish painting up a pair of Riot Judges. These, as we shall see, are nice but absolute giants alongside the Cadets...


  1. Top job! Big fan of Dredd as well in my youth. These Cadets look excellent. cheers

    1. Glad that you like them! I know that I keep saying it, but these are really fun models to paint - so long as Mongoose keep making them, I'll keep painting them!