Sunday, 31 May 2015

Double Tyranid update: Mieotic Spores and Ripper Swarms

Time for a (very rare) double update today. I managed to finish some more of a Tyranid commission I'm currently working on, and also get them photographed. 

Here is a unit (brood?) of three Mieotic Spores. These are Forgeworld models, and they are really nicely detailed. They have obvious references to the rest of the Nid range, but are quite unique as well. This does mean that there was no room for patterning due to the limited carapace surfaces, but the models have still come out nicely and tie in well with the rest of the army.

The undercarriage areas of the spores were painted in fleshy tones, then treated with a layer of gloss. I imagine them dripping slime as they propel across the battlefield...

Here's a close-up on the flesh areas:

And another, showing the pulsing veins on the spore sacs:

Those models done, I've also been working a lot on the Ripper Swarms. I talked before about how these are so detailed, and despite their diminutive size the fact that they are a lot of work to get painted. However, the results were worth it: I think these will look great on the tabletop!

I painted every carapace with the feathering method used on the bigger Nids. Eyes, claws and teeth were all picked out. I then added Rhino Hide speckling to the bodies.

Another close up: these critters are literally tearing each other apart to reach the enemy...

Another six bases of these to go: I'm going to intersperse this with a few Iron Hands models, so that I don't get burnt out.

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