Sunday, 3 May 2015

Judge Dredd: Riot Judges

Continuing my Judge Dredd Miniatures Game adventures, today I finished painting up a couple more figures from the Justice Department box set.

Here are the two Riot Judges:

As I mentioned, the Mongoose figures have a wide variation in scale and quality. The Cadet Judges, which I showcased recently, are excellent sculpts with good surface detail and proportions. The Riot Judges are an older sculpt, and it shows. Even allowing for perhaps bulkier judges to take on this role, the RJ's are massive figures!

Even so, I thoroughly enjoyed painting these models. I really like the old-school charm of the sculpts. They don't rip detail, but have enough to highlight, wash and exercise your painting skills.

The second judge is one of my favourites in the Justice Department set. he is equipped with a riot-foam gun, and carries a foam tank on his back.

Here's a shit of all of my judges together, demonstrating the slightly differing scheme I've employed. The JDMG requires hardly any judges to play, so having different colours across the Department isn't really a problem. That, and I'm very unlikely to actually ever get in a game!

This picture shows the variation in height. The RJs tower over Old Stoney Face (aka Dredd), who is shown at the front of the team. Still, I'd definitely recommend these models and intend to add to my collection over the coming months.

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