Saturday, 13 June 2015

Batman Miniatures Game: Batgirl

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Anyone who regularly visits my blog will know that I'm a big fan of Knight Miniatures Batman figures, and when they released the Batgirl last year I picked her up right away. 

The dynamic pose of this figure is just great. Some Knight Models have quite static, brooding poses. This is absolutely fine, and generally fits the characters the models depict. However, the posing of this figure is just incredible: showing Batgirl mid-run, her cape flowing behind her. I've said before, Knight Miniatures really knows how to sculpt capes.

The pose does make assembly a bit fiddly, with a single leg attached to the base. It comes in several pieces, and the cape is solid metal, so I'd recommend taking your time with gluing and posing the bits. I used a small amount of greenstuff to cover a couple of joins: this is particularly tricky, given the tiny surface details.

This view shows the cape flowing behind. The hair is also nicely sculpted.

Another view demonstrating the pose.

And now three of Gotham Sirens together. You'll note that the Batgirl figure is a bit larger than the others, but given that she's taller that's perhaps understandable.

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