Saturday, 6 June 2015

Iron Hands: Tactical Marines - and a general codex rant...

Looks like I will just a bout finish this army as GW is wrapping up the current codex and bringing out the next one... The endless cycle of codex releases continues. Whilst, years back, GW used to release so few books in a year it was ridiculous, we're now going to the opposite extreme. Codex: Space Marines is a perfectly decent book; it really doesn't need updating. The new releases look nice, but they are hardly necessary.

The downside for those who have "bought in" to the sub-codex approach - perhaps sinking £50-60 into hardback books to support fringe armies - is that they lose out almost completely. As much as Iron Hands fans disliked the Claun Raukaan supplement, it really isn't fair on fans to encourage them to support such a niche release only to remove it without explanation a couple of years later...

I recall that GW did a similar thing with the old Lost & Damned supplement (you remember it, right? The army list with the crazy mutants and renegades that could be used to represent almost any 40k army...). Their response was that players can't expect niche armies to be indefinitely supported. I completely agree with that, but it's a question of balance. A £60 buy-in to run an Iron Hands list (albeit a specialised one) deserves a longer shelf-life than 18 months...

It's not even as though the new Marine Codex, from what I've seen, has anything for Iron Hands. The new upgrade sprue being pushed by GW cover chapters that have already been spoiled with their own plastic kits. Surely an Iron Hands sprue would've been an easy sale? 

Now that I've got that out of my system, on to some actual models. This list (which might be subject to revision under the new codex...) featured four small squads, all mounted in Razorbacks. 

Unusually for me, I went with combi-weapons. I've found these to be okay in the game, but not very dependable.

These units can act as objective holders in a pinch, but aren't very durable due to their limited numbers. They make up for that with mobility. The Razorbacks also provide decent fire support.

I mixed various upgrade bits from the GW resin kit, as well as parts from Kromlech. The various bits scale nicely together and fit seamlessly into the overall unit.


  1. It seems like a reasonable criticism to me. I think we should stop seeing this kind of thing a rant.

    The minis look the part - they almost jump off the screen. It's also reassuring just how easy it is to customise these days, for the major standard types especially, that there's so much available almost off the peg, which is helping to bring creative barriers to entry down for all of us. You're right the parts really do blend in.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      As for the codex situation, I've just seen a post on Dakka with a GW response that the Raukaan codex can be used with some "tweaking"... So we'll see what they mean by that; sounds an awful lot like I can house rule it...