Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Anvil Industry: Finished Republic Grenadiers

Phew! Finally finished and photographed the last few Republic Grenadiers, painted as a spec ops team...

We'll start with the most recent miniatures I painted. These are, I think Spectre Operatives - and I recall that they were part of a Kickstarter from Anvil Industries. I didn't sign up for that (sadly!) but my client did, and these models are a joy to paint. Lovely level of detail and very characterful...

The camo-shielding could be painted in lots of ways, but I went with a metallic finish to complement the black armour. I added a Call of Duty: Ghosts-style marking to the facemasks... I think this worked quite nicely.

Next, some of the regular grunts. Again, great models. They have lots of different weapon options, including an officer-type with a pistol.

And now some specialists. These guys have missile launchers and railguns. Nice models as well.

I particularly liked the missile dudes for some reason. The metallics really shine in these images; I dulled everything down so that the metals look concealed.

Finally, a group shot of the models altogether.

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