Saturday, 8 August 2015

Anvil Industry: More Republic Grenadiers

Managed to spend a few more hours on the Republic Grenadier project today. 

My client specifically requested grey fatigues, and black body armour. The colour scheme makes these models very difficult to photograph, but trust me that there's a lot of highlighting going on here! I struggled for ages with decent pictures; these were actually my best attempts...

The bases were also left blank at my client's request.

The Anvil Industry miniatures are really nice models to paint. They have so much detail, and really look the "special operations" part. There are ammo clips, power cells, pouches etc all over them.

I tried to take individual shots, but these were the most difficult to take. Here's a shot of a sergeant or squad leader; armed with a rifle and a pistol. It shows how the minimal colour pops on the model (I deliberately went with a really bright visor).

So what's next? Have a few more of these dudes to paint up (some heavier rifles, some in camo gear), then some of my own Adeptus Mechanicus models.

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