Sunday, 23 August 2015

Swamp Thing: Experiments in Dipping (part 2)

They say never to work with animals or scheduling... At least one of those things is true, but I always seem to mess up the scheduling feature on Blogger! This post originally appeared without the pictures; they've now been added!

Thanks for joining me for the second part of the dipping experiment.

To recap, Swamp Thing came out muted, undefined and a bit dark. Not good enough for a Knight Models miniature.

So, I went back into the figure and added a couple of layers of highlights.

Here's where things got interesting.

Swamp Thing was far less work than I'd thought. He's a big model, and after the dipping there were lots of interesting and organic highlights available to me. I went in with two skin highlights, and added highlights to the raised areas with one or two additional touches.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how Swamp Thing turned out. I'm never going to be a proponent of dipping. It's a technique which isn't for me: you can't control it, and the models have that characteristic "grubbiness" (or at least mine do). But on the right figure, and with an additional highlight or so, you can achieve some interesting results with dipping.

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